• Enrollment & Initial Review

    Enrollment: Sign up for the service and provide all necessary personal information.

    Credit Report Analysis: We obtain your credit reports from the three major credit bureaus to identify inaccuracies and areas for improvement.

    Month 1

  • Strategy Development

    Consultation: Discuss the findings from your credit reports and agree on a strategy tailored to your specific situation.

    Dispute Planning: Prepare and send out the first set of dispute letters to the credit bureaus, challenging incorrect or outdated information.

    Month 2

  • Dispute Process

    Credit Bureau Response: Wait for responses from the credit bureaus, which are legally required to investigate disputes within 30 days.

    Review Changes: Analyze the changes to your credit reports and determine the effectiveness of the first round of disputes.

    Month 3-4

  • Additional Disputes

    Second Round of Disputes: Depending on initial results, we may send additional disputes to address unresolved items or new issues that have been identified.

    Negotiation with Creditors: Start negotiations with creditors to remove collections or reduce debt, if applicable.

    Month 5-6

  • Review & Strategy Adjustment

    Progress Evaluation: Assess the progress made so far and adjust strategies if certain disputes have been rejected or unresolved.

    Continuous Monitoring: Regular monitoring of your credit report to keep up with new changes and updates.

    Month 7-8

  • Consolidation & Future Planning

    Consolidate Gains: Ensure all successful changes are reflected accurately on your credit report and any agreements made with creditors are upheld.

    Credit Education: Provide guidance on maintaining a healthy credit score, including tips on debt management and financial planning.

    Month 9-12

  • Final Review & Continuation Plan

    Final Credit Review: Review your updated credit report to see the overall improvements and discuss any remaining challenges.

    Long-term Strategy: Offer options for ongoing credit monitoring and maintenance to protect and further improve your credit score.

    Month 12+


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