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Fiona W. dreamt of owning her first home but found her path obstructed by a less-than-ideal credit score. Determined to overcome this barrier, Fiona engaged our services to meticulously improve her credit standing. Understanding the critical impact of credit on mortgage terms and approval, Fiona was committed to taking proactive steps towards achieving her dream of home ownership.

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Project Information


Debt Management, Credit Building Strategies


Fiona W.

Completed Date

April 2021


Shannon Garcia


Chicago, IL

Project Goals

Our collaboration with Fiona focused on addressing derogatory marks on her credit report, implementing a debt repayment strategy, responsibly opening new credit accounts, ensuring timely payments, and providing tools for sustained credit management.

  • Thoroughly review Fiona’s credit history to identify and address any derogatory marks or inaccuracies.
  • Implement a targeted approach to reducing Fiona’s outstanding debts, thereby improving her credit utilization ratio.
  • Advise Fiona on establishing new credit accounts responsibly to build a positive credit history.
  • Educate Fiona on the importance of timely payments across all accounts to avoid future derogatory marks.
  • Provide Fiona with tools and strategies for sustained credit management and improvement.

Final Outcome of This Project

Fiona’s dedication to credit improvement resulted in the successful dispute of credit report inaccuracies, a significant reduction in her debt-to-income ratio, the establishment of a positive credit history, and achieving a credit score that enabled her to secure a mortgage and realize her home ownership dream.

  • Successfully disputed incorrect entries on Fiona’s credit report, leading to immediate score improvements.
  • Fiona’s strategic debt repayment significantly improved her credit utilization, contributing to a healthier credit profile.
  • Opening new credit accounts under advisement helped Fiona build a solid credit history, further elevating her score.
  • Adherence to timely payment strategies eliminated new negative marks, steadily improving her credit standing.
  • Fiona’s improved credit score enabled her to qualify for a mortgage with competitive terms, making her dream of home ownership a reality.

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