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Denise L. approached us with a common yet complex problem: a less-than-ideal credit score hindering her financial goals. As someone looking to qualify for a mortgage and improve her overall financial health, Denise needed a strategic plan to rebuild her credit score. Understanding the profound impact of credit on life’s major milestones, she entrusted us with the task of navigating her through the intricacies of credit repair and improvement.

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Project Information


Credit Repair, Financial Counseling


Denise L.

Completed Date

June 2022


Alone Mbapy


Atlanta, GA

Project Goals

Our objectives were tailored to Denise’s aspirations for financial stability and growth.

  • Conduct a thorough analysis of Denise’s credit report to identify inaccuracies and areas for improvement.
  • Initiate disputes with credit bureaus to remove erroneous information negatively impacting her score.
  • Guide Denise in strategic debt repayment and credit utilization to improve her creditworthiness.
  • Educate Denise on the importance of credit diversity and timely payments to further enhance her score.
  • Provide ongoing support and monitoring to ensure Denise achieves and maintains her desired credit score.

Final Outcome of This Project

The journey with Denise led to transformative outcomes, enabling her to reach new financial heights.

  • Successfully disputed and removed inaccuracies from the credit report, leading to an immediate improvement in her credit score.
  • Implemented a debt repayment plan that significantly reduced her debt-to-income ratio, further boosting her credit score.
  • Denise’s adherence to strategic credit advice resulted in a continuous improvement in her credit score over several months.
  • Comprehensive education on credit management empowered Denise to make informed financial decisions, sustaining her credit score improvement.
  • Denise achieved her goal of qualifying for a mortgage with favorable terms, marking a significant milestone in her financial journey.

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