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Elijah M., an aspiring entrepreneur, needed to improve his credit score to secure business loans and investment for his start-up. Elijah turned to us for expert guidance on credit improvement to realize his business ambitions.

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Project Information


Credit Improvement, Strategic Financial Planning


Elijah M.

Completed Date

January 2023


Koile Lavandra


New York, NY

Project Goals

The project aimed to elevate Elijah’s credit standing through credit report analysis, disputing errors, optimizing credit utilization, diversifying credit accounts, and continuous monitoring and advice on credit management.

  • Conduct a detailed assessment of Elijah’s credit report to uncover areas for immediate improvement.
  • Develop a comprehensive plan for disputing inaccuracies and outdated negative items affecting his score.
  • Guide Elijah in optimizing his credit utilization and managing existing debts to improve his creditworthiness.
  • Implement strategies for Elijah to diversify his credit portfolio, enhancing his credit profile.
  • Offer continuous support and monitoring to track credit score progress and make necessary adjustments.

Final Outcome of This Project

Elijah’s financial and entrepreneurial journey was transformed, leading to an increased credit score, strategic debt management, a diversified credit portfolio, and the successful securing of start-up funding, marking the beginning of his business venture.

  • Corrected credit report inaccuracies, yielding a noticeable increase in Elijah’s credit score.
  • Advised on debt management strategies that significantly lowered Elijah’s credit utilization ratio, positively impacting his score.
  • Assisted in the strategic use of credit, leading to a more diversified credit portfolio and further score improvements.
  • Continuous monitoring and guidance helped Elijah maintain a trajectory of credit score improvement, meeting and exceeding initial targets.
  • Ultimately, Elijah secured the necessary funding for his start-up, laying the foundation for his future business endeavors.

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